General rental terms and conditions


Your booking is only confirmed with written confirmation (and / or holiday voucher) from Domaine des Naiades in compliance with the provisions of article L121-19 of the ‘Code de la Consommation’.

Bookings are made in an individual’s name and are personal. They cannot therefore be transferred or partially or fully sub-let without prior agreement from Domaine des Naïades. Domaine des Naïades reserves the right to cancel any booking by a customer with whom there exists a dispute relating to the payment of a previous booking.

Any complaint or dispute which may arise concerning their validity, interpretation, execution or application, will be brought by the instigating party before the courts of Aix-en-Provence, regardless of the customer’s country of origin.

1.1. The plans and photos of the accommodation are provided as illustrations. The layout and characteristics may vary slightly from one model to another.

1.2. Mobile homes are allocated by Domaine des Naïades according to availability so as to optimise the planning schedules. The allocation may be modified at any time before the actual handing over of the keys.

1.3. For information, emplacements are allocated randomly. If you have a special request such like an emplacement number, a preference for an area, shaded, 2 emplacements next to each other, we kindly invite you to subscribe to our “emplacement wish” option (per Mobil home : 25€ in low season and 50€ from 01/07 to 01/09) subject to availability.

The promotion offers can only be applied to the mobile home rental prices and are valid only at the time of booking.

1.4. PAYMENT: A deposit of 30% will be required upon reservation and the balance due is payable 30 days before your arrival dateThe failure to respect this deadline generates the decrease of the stay at the level of the paid amount.. For bookings made less than 1 month before the arrival date, full payment will be required at the time of booking.

Direct debit of the instalments / balance

If you have chosen to pay the first instalment by creditcard during your reservation, according to the general conditions of hire, the instalments will be automatically debited by the Domaine des Naiades (Groupe Homair Vacances ) on the planned dates, with the same creditcard you have paid the first instalment.



Each online booking constitutes the creation of a distance selling contract and necessarily implies the acceptance, without restriction or exception of these terms and conditions.


The customer guarantees Domaine des Naïades of their legal status as an adult, and that they have the legal capacity and all necessary authorisation to use the method of payment chosen to confirm their booking. The customer is authorised to access and use the website for the sole purpose of booking holidays with Domaine des Naïades.
Domaine des Naïades may cancel services provided to any customer found to be using Domaine des Naïades’ services for undesirable or illegal purposes. It is not authorised or permitted to download, save, change, publish or distribute any part of the website content whatsoever. Whilst Domaine des Naïades does its very best to maintain the service operational, it can offer no guarantee as to continuity of access to its website and therefore declines all liability for any direct and/or indirect harm caused by the full or partial lack of access, or which may result from the use of the service by an Internet user. Under no circumstances can Domaine des Naïades be held liable for damages resulting from a loss of data, even if Domaine des Naïades has been informed of a risk relating to the use or to the operation of the website, or of failure to supply the holiday booked with Domaine des Naïades including, without restrictions, damages arising from an error, omission, virus, delay or interruption of the service. Similarly, Domaine des Naïades will not be criminally or civilly liable for the consequences resulting from inappropriate or non-authorised use of the website or of its content by users or third parties.


The holidays offered and their prices are valid for as long as they appear on the website and they are subject to availability.



PayPal helps to protect your credit card details by using the best systems on the market for providing security and prevention against fraud. When you use PayPal, your financial information is never shared with the seller.

The customer can choose to pay by one interest free payment through this site. This option must be selected by the customer at the time of booking and it cannot be applied retroactively. You will be required to create an account and to respect the general conditions of using PayPal. The customer will be redirected to the PayPal site to complete their secured payment. Domaine des Naïades cannot be held responsible for any cash movements that may occur on the PayPal account, to which only the customer has access.


The customer is automatically redirected to the secured site of Domaine des Naïades’ partner bank: SOCIETE GENERALE via its secured partner platforms. The bank cards that are accepted on the website are: Carte Bleue, Visa, Eurocard and Mastercard.

Confirmation of the booking process is made when the “confirm payment” button is clicked.



Legally valid prices are indicated during the online or phone booking. They are subject to change during the seasons and are in euros, including VAT.
– Rental of the accommodation and its equipment indicated on the booking confirmation.

– Water, gas and electricity consumption.

– Access to the facilities of the host campsite, including the entertainment events (unless specific rules apply on the host campsite) and the toilet facilities specified in the brochure and on the website.

– Parking space for one car per pitch rented (not necessarily on the rented pitch).



4.1 Once a booking has been made and is awaiting payment, confirmation of the booking must be made within a maximum time limit of five days, by paying all or part of the holiday cost by credit card. Should this period be exceeded, the booking will automatically be cancelled without prior notice.

4.2 For any bookings made less than one month before the start of the holiday, the total price is to be paid at the time of booking, this includes:

– the booking fee,

– cancellation insurance (optional),

– the total holiday price.

4.3 For any booking made less than two months before the start of the holiday, payments must be made on the following due dates:

4.3.1 At the time of booking: booking fee + cancellation insurance (optional) + 75% of the total rental cost.

4.3.2 One month before the start of the holiday: 25% or the balance of the total rental cost.

4.4 For any booking made less than three months before the start of the holiday, payments must be made on the following due dates:

4.4.1 At the time of booking: booking fee + cancellation insurance (optional) + 50% of the total rental cost.

4.4.2 Two months before the start of the holiday: 25% of the total rental cost.

4.4.3 One month before the start of the holiday: 25% or the balance of the total rental cost.

4.5 For any booking made more than three months before the start of the holiday, payments must be made on the following due dates:

4.5.1 At the time of booking: booking fee + cancellation insurance (optional) + 25% of the total rental cost.

4.5.2 Three months before the start of the holiday: 25% of the total rental cost.

4.5.3 Two months before the start of the holiday: 25% of the total rental cost.

4.5.4 One month before the start of the holiday: 25% or the balance of the total rental cost.

4.6 Payment by credit card is the only payment method allowed for bookings made less than 15 days before the arrival date.



5.1 Once the booking

has been made and is awaiting payment, the bank transfer must be made within 5 days. The customer must also return the signed booking form within 5 days. Past this deadline, the booking awaiting payment will automatically be cancelled without prior notice.

5.2 For any booking made less than one month before the start of the holiday, payments must be made on the following due dates:

5.2.1 At the time of booking: booking fee + cancellation insurance (optional) + 100% of the rental cost.

5.3 For any booking made more than two months before the start of the holiday, payments must be made on the following due dates:

5.3.1 At the time of booking: booking fee + cancellation insurance (optional) + 30% of the total rental cost.

5.3.2 One month before the start of the holiday: 70% or the balance of the total rental cost.  

5.4 For any booking made more than three months before the start of the holiday, payments must be made on the following due dates:

5.4.1 At the time of booking: booking fee + cancellation insurance (optional) + 30% of the total rental cost.

5.4.2 Two months before the start of the holiday: 30% of the total rental cost.

5.4.3 One month before the start of the holiday: 40% or the balance of the total rental cost.



6.1 Booking fees: these apply to each individual booking and only once per season.

6.2 Standard booking fees are 25€ incl. VAT in the following cases:

– payment by bank transfer: in a single instalment

– payment by bank transfer in several instalments

– payment in several instalments (excluding direct debit) made by credit card.

6.3 Booking fees are reduced to 0€ incl. VAT in the following cases:

– payment by credit card: in one instalment or by direct debit in several instalments

– payment in one instalment via PayPal


  1. ARRIVALS-DEPARTURES / LENGTH: On arrival at the campsite please go immediately to the reception to complete registration details.

Stay minimum 7 nights from 29/06 to 30/08/2019 (possibility to book 8,9,10 … nights)

Arrivals and departures are daily during the season.

Arrival from 3pm to 7pm and departures from 8am to 10am (7am on Saturday and Sunday).



All requests to alter the details of your booking must be made in writing to the following address: Domaine des Naïades , 655 Chemin des Mûres, 83310 GRIMAUD – FRANCE or per e.mail

Amendments (with the prior agreement of Domaine des Naïades) only concern the current season and they may not be carried forward to the following season.



For all written booking cancellations send to the Domaine des Naiades 31 days before the arrival date, the booking will be fully refunded except for the cancellation insurance fees (If this option has been subscribed )as well as the booking fees.


9.2 As an option and for a fee, Domaine des Naïades proposes insurance through its partner, Gritchen Affinity, to cover Cancellation and Interruption of a stay . This insurance, which may be subscribed at the time of reservation of the stay, offers the customer the possibility of being reimbursed by Gritchen Assurance for fees for cancelling his reservation, as indicated in article 10 of the present Terms and Conditions of Rental, in case of the occurrence of an event preventing his departure. This insurance also covers the nights of his stay not consumed, in case of occurrence of an event which delays his arrival or shortens his stay.

9.3 The events covered are those mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of Cancellation Insurance available at insurance

9.4 In case of a covered event, the customer must notify Domaine des Naïades by writing to the following address: Domaine des Naïades , 655 Chemin des Mûres, 83310 GRIMAUD – FRANCE or per e.mail

about his cancellation and contact Gritchen Affinity by following the instructions provided at  within the 10 days following occurence of the incident, and by providing Gritchen Affinity with the necessary information and supporting documents.



A written request must be sent within 48 hours (Domaine des Naiades will take into account the date of receipt of this request) following the event which has prompted the cancellation. The date of the event being taken into account. If the cancellation occurs:

10.1 More than 31 days before the stay : the booking will be fully refunded except for the fees

10.2 Less than 31 days : 100% of the total holiday fare as well as ancillary costs (booking fees, cancellation insurance etc.) will be charged.

10.3 In any case, booking fees and the cancellation insurance costs are not refunded.


  1. REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT: A deposit of 200 € will be requested on arrival. This deposit will be refunded after inspection (during campsite reception hours), provided that the mobile home is clean and the check up is correct. Deposits can be made by credit card (mastercard or visa) or cash.

11.1 If a customer leaves outside of normal hours, the on-site Domaine des Naïades staff will be the only people allowed to judge the state of cleanliness of the mobile home.

11.2 If the rental accommodation is left in a good state, the deposit will be returned by post as soon as possible or

destroyed. If it is not left in a good state, the deposit will be cashed.

11.3 If the customer has chosen to pay the cleaning charge, this does not include washing the dishes and kitchen utensils. They must all therefore be left in a clean condition. If this is not the case, a fee for rectifying this may be charged.  

11.4 Any damage that may be noted will be retained from the deposit. The customer will be provided with a supporting invoice. If the cost of the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the customer must pay the additional amount.



12.1 The customer is the sole person liable in relation to Domaine des Naïades in terms of financial liability, and in particular in the event of a total or partial holiday cancellation.

12.2 Domaine des Naïades cannot be held liable in the event of an amendment, cancellation or any other events of ‘force majeure’ which are due to actions of the customer or a third party who is not part of the service provision.

12.3 Domaine des Naïades cannot be held liable for the booking not going ahead in the event of ‘force majeure’, of a partial or total disruption in services or strike, particularly involving the postal services and means of transport and/or communications. The customer hereby declares that he/she is familiar with the characteristics and limitations of the internet, particularly its technical performance, the response time when consulting, enquiring about or transferring data and the risks associated with the security of communications.

12.4 Domaine des Naïades will not accept any claim or offer any refund relating to the non-provision or poor provision of services which are attributable to the customer or arise from the actions of a third party who is not a service provider or relating to a case of ‘force majeure’.

12.5 Unless there is a legal provision to the contrary, Domaine des Naïades cannot be held liable for a fault of a third party, in particular of one of its partners.

12.6 Domaine des Naïades will not be liable for any indirect damages arising from this agreement, operating losses, loss of profits, loss of opportunities, damages or expenses.




In the case that one of the clauses in this contract becomes null and void and non-existent as a result of a change in the law, regulations or by a legal decision, this will in no way affect the validity of and compliance with these General Rental Terms and Conditions.


These General Rental Terms and Conditions, the legal particulars and the booking documents sent to the customer form all of the contractual documents and constitute the whole of the contractual relations between the parties.

14.GENERALS : All clients are expected to respect the rules of the Domaine which are displayed at the reception. Only traditional swimming trunks are allowed in the swimming pool. Children’s security on site is the total responsibility of parents or legal guardians, particularly in the aquatic complex and play areas. The management reserves the right to suspend certain activities without prior notice. Driving in the Domaine is only authorized from 7am until midnight. Dogs must be vaccinated and kept on a lead at all times. No extra accommodation is allowed on mobile home emplacements (eg – tents). Signature of the contract accepts all booking conditions.



15.1 The information that the customer communicates to us when he makes a booking will not be disclosed to any third parties

When the customer is browsing on our website or placing an order, we collect three general categories of information:
The data given to us by the customer
The data we collect automatically when using the Domaine des Naïades website
The data we collect from third parties
This information is considered by the Domaine des Naïades as being confidential. They are used solely for the processing of the order and to strengthen and personalise the communication and the offer of services reserved for the customers of the Domaine des Naïades according to the centres of interest of the customer

15.2 In accordance with the Ministerial Ordinance of December 20, 2017, the customer may request:
– access to his personal data,
– rectification and erasure of these (right to be forgotten),
– the right to portability of data,
– the right to object to the processing of his data,
– to withdraw his consent or limit the use of his data,
– to define guidelines for the storage, erasure and communication of personal data after his death and oppose solicitation by subscribing to the BLOCTEL list,
– the right to lodge a complaint with the CNIL or the Control Authority of his place of residence.
To do this, simply make the request by email to or by mail to the following address:
HOMAIR Vacances
570, avenue du Club Hippique, “Immeuble le Derby”
CS 20405
13097 AIX-EN-PROVENCE Cedex 02
Declaration to the CNIL – no. 1071348

For any request, a valid proof of identity must be sent by mail for security reasons along with a copy of the communication received to facilitate the processing of your request.
15.3 For more information on our personal data protection policy, the client can consult our charter on the website or ask for a version electronic mail.


General Rental Terms and Conditions written in Aix-en-Provence, on the 3rd of October 2018 (current version).






1. Access conditions:
You must have authorisation from the site manager or their representative to enter, set up or stay at the Domaine des Naïades campsite. They are responsible for maintaining the campsite in an orderly fashion and for ensuring compliance with these rules and regulations.
By staying at the Domaine des Naïades campsite, you agree to abide by the provisions set forth in these rules and regulations.
No-one may elect domicile here.

2. Police formalities
Minors who are not with their parents shall only be allowed on-site upon presentation of a letter of authorisation from the latter.
Pursuant to Article R. 611-35 of the Code on Entry and Residence of Foreigners in France and the Right to Asylum, the manager is required to have foreign national guests complete and sign an individual registration card for the police. In particular, the card must state their:
Name(s) and Surname
Place and Date of Birth
Usual place of residence.
Children under the age of 15 may be included on their parent’s form.

3. Settling in
The outdoor accommodation and all equipment pertaining to it must be set up where indicated by the manager or their representative, and in accordance with their instructions. No extra installations (caravan, tent etc.) are permitted on the mobile home sites. Likewise, caravans and mobile homes must at all times remain mobile.

a.Occupancy limits
For safety and insurance reasons, it is prohibited to exceed the maximum number of occupants specified for each type of accommodation. The campsite manager will refuse entry to any person if the maximum capacity of the accommodation is exceeded. Babies are considered as a person for the purposes of calculating occupancy.

4. Reception
Open from 8am to 7pm throughout the season.
Reception is where you can find out all about campsite services, options for stocking up on supplies, sports facilities, the wealth of tourism opportunities at hand and several useful addresses.
This is also where guest complaints are lodged and dealt with.
It is the customer‘s responsibility to check their accommodation (inventory, cleanliness etc.) and to report any potential issues, at the very latest within 24 hours of their arrival. The staff will do their best to resolve any issues quickly.
No claims will be accepted later than this. Similarly, no incident that occurs during the holiday will be taken into account if it has not been reported during their stay

5. Display
These rules and regulations are on display by the campsite entrance and at reception. A copy will be issued to guests upon request.
For rated campsites, the rating and the description Tourism or
Recreation as well as the number of pitches are displayed.
Rates for the various services are disclosed to guests in accordance with the order by the Minister for Consumer Affairs, and are available for consultation at reception.

6. Check-out procedure
Guests are requested to notify reception on the day before they leave. Guests who wish to leave before reception opens must pay for their stay the day before.

7. Noise and Quiet
Guests are requested to avoid making any noise or discussions which may disturb their neighbours.
The volume on audio equipment should be turned down. Car doors and boots should also be closed as discreetly as possible.
Dogs and other pets are allowed as long as they do not disturb the peace and safety of other campers. Dangerous dogs (category1) and guard dogs (category 2) are forbidden. A current vaccination certificate is required when checking in.
Dogs and other pets must never be allowed to roam freely. They must not be left alone on the campsite, or shut in when their owners are away; the latter have civil liability for them.
The site manager ensures peace and quiet for guests: complete silence between midnight and 7am is required.

8. Visitors
After being authorised by the site manager or their representative, visitors will be allowed onto the campsite under the responsibility of their camp host.
Guests can welcome one or more visitors at reception. Visitors can have access to campsite facilities and services. There may, however, be a charge which will be posted for inspection by the campsite entrance and at reception.
Visitors’ cars are not allowed on the campsite; they should use the car park.

9. Driving and Parking
The speed limit for vehicles within the campsite is 10km/h.
Traffic is permitted between 7am and midnight.
Only vehicles belonging to campers staying on-site can be driven within the campsite grounds.
Parking on pitches normally used for accommodation is strictly forbidden unless a parking
space has been provided for this purpose. Parking should not hinder traffic or prevent newcomers from settling in.

10. Maintenance and Appearance of facilities
Everyone should refrain from doing anything to the detriment of the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the campsite and its facilities, in particular the washrooms.
It is forbidden to throw waste water on the ground or down the drains.
Guests should empty waste water into the facilities provided for this purpose.
Dispose of household refuse, waste of any kind and papers in the bins. There are two household refuse collection areas by the entrance to the campsite and these have sorting facilities. Everyone should refrain from doing anything to the detriment of the cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the campsite and its facilities, in particular the washrooms.
Washing away from the tubs provided for this purpose is strictly forbidden.
Where required, washing should be hung in the communal drying room. However, washing may be discreetly hung out beside your accommodation until 10am provided that this does not disturb you neighbours. Washing must never be hung out on trees.
Please respect the plants and flowers. Campers are not allowed to hammer nails into trees, cut branches or plant anything. Marking out pitches by yourself and digging into the ground are also prohibited.
Any repairs for damages to plants, fencing, ground or campsite facilities shall be charged to the perpetrator.
The pitch used during the holiday should be kept in the state the camper found it when they arrived on site.
Please wear trunks in the swimming pool.
11. Safety

a. Fire:
Open fires (wood, charcoal etc.) are strictly forbidden. Camping stoves must be in good working order and never used in a hazardous manner.
In case of fire, inform management immediately. Fire extinguishers are available if required. A first-aid kit is available at reception.

b. Theft
Domaine des Naiades is not an hotel keeper and can under no circumstances be held liable for loss or theft of personal possessions or for injuries or damage which may affect customers or their property during their stay. The customer is responsible for his/her personal effects (bikes, clothes, etc.). The customer should check with his/her insurance company to extend their own home multi-risk insurance to cover the accommodation they occupy on the campsite.
Customers must subscribe to a civil liability insurance policy with the company of their choice.
Guests are requested to take the usual precautions to keep their belongings secure.

12. Games
No violent or nuisance games are permitted near the facilities.
Meeting rooms are not to be used for active games.
Parents must supervise their children at all times.

13. Breaches of these rules and regulations
If any camper disturbs the stay of the other campers or does not abide by these rules and regulations, the manager or his representative may give them formal notice verbally or, if necessary, in writing to stop the disturbances.
If there is a serious or repeated infringement of these rules and regulations after the manager has given a formal notice to abide by them, the latter may terminate the reservation contract.
If a criminal offence has been committed, the site manager may call in the police.


The wearing of a wristband may be required on the campsite to ensure customers’ maximum security and to prevent the entry of unauthorised people from outside of the campsite. The wristband will be valid for the entire duration of the stay.
Guests at Domaine des Naïades can avail of the swimming pool within the campsite grounds. By using the swimming pool, you agree to abide by its rules and regulations (see below):
All bathers must kindly use the showers over the footbath before entering either of the swimming pools.
Wearing of shoes poolside is strictly forbidden.
Members of the public – from spectators to visitors and accompanying persons – should keep to those premises and areas that are reserved for them.
Swimmers must not use the footbaths for anything other than their intended use.
Smoking and chewing gum are prohibited, except in the outdoor recreational areas.
No animals may be brought into the pool area.
Do not leave any leftover food.
No running alongside the pool; no diving. The use of lilos and balls is forbidden.
Anyone presenting a suspicious skin lesion without a medical certificate declaring non-contagion shall be prohibited from entering the area reserved for swimmers.
Parents are responsible for supervising their children; the management cannot be held liable for any accidents.
Any bather who cannot swim must ensure they know the risks they are taking if they do not follow the safety advice and, in particular, they must not venture to an area deeper than is safe (see the depth marker on the sides).The management cannot be held liable for any accident arising out of failure to follow this advice.
Swimmers are requested to use the bins provided beside the fence for the disposal of waste paper only.
When swimming, do not apply excessive sunscreen on the body.